Independent Study Museum of Making Music Field Trip

We felt welcomed.

On Friday November 2, 2016 Independent Study went on a field trip to the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad.  It has been a long time since Independent Study has gone on any type field trip. The Museum of Making Music was a good choice.  In order for all the sites to converge on a field trip we needed something that was somewhat centrally located.  Carlsbad was good choice.  South Bay students had to travel 45 minutes compared to the 2 hour trip it took for our Hemet students.  The field trip was at 12 so we had plenty of time to get there.  We even stopped at In and Out for lunch before the Tour.

Our main objective of the trip was to learn about the history of music and how it influenced culture through the years.  We saw old phonographs, guitars and strange instruments that were developed.  The tour was immensely informative. After the tour there is a room full of instruments that the students could play.  They would have stayed in that room all night if we had let them.  The Museum was a perfect choice for this year’s field trip because we have so many guitar players at our sites.


The students at the beginning had low expectation and thought the museum would be boring.  After going through the tour, seeing and playing the instruments the students had changed their minds.  The students just loved every minute.  The tour guide had them hanging on every word.  Next time we will schedule more time to look and play around after the tour.

Berenice Hernandez Munoz and Alexis Vargas playing guitar.


Alec Gaxiola playing the guitar keyboard.

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