Child-Centered Education

The National University Academy Sparrow program offers a holistic approach to teaching kindergarten through seventh grade. This program provides children with a safe and supportive environment, where they can learn and develop in the way that works best for their unique personality.

Classrooms are designed to be warm and harmonious, so children feel a sense of peace and calm during lessons. Class materials are all natural and organic, and students learn to take good care of their items, as they keep them throughout each grade level.

Teachers are warm and welcoming, and promote learning in fun, engaging, and diverse ways. Children are exposed to rigorous academic course work, but are also encouraged to learn by engaging their hearts and their hands—through play, projects, music, world languages, art, dance, and even yoga, knitting, and gardening.

Throughout the year, students create their own journals, as a way to cultivate creativity, and keep them engaged and learning.

The program revolves around the principles of:

  • An integrated curriculum
  • Developmentally appropriate, relevant work
  • Social inclusion
  • Non-punitive discipline
  • Experiential learning

Students gain the ability to be compassionate, creative, eco-literate citizens, capable of acting responsibly and thoughtfully in a complex society. Parents are incredibly involved, and join with teachers and students to create a wonderful community, dedicated to seeing children thrive.

We are looking for two community members to sit on the Sparrow Board.
If you are interested please email your resume to Kimberleigh Kopp at

NUA Sparrow Staff

Sarah Medina, Principal

Gina Marrujo
Lyra Matthews
Christina Sears
Alexis Ahrens
Helga Conklin
Nicole Martinez

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